How does it work?

In a very personalized approach, Tim conducts an interview (via Skype, telephone, or in person) to get to know you and the story you have to tell. He records your entire conversation in addition to taking detailed notes about your story. His main focus in conducting this interview is to gain an understanding of the most important elements of your story that should be incorporated into your song.


You, of course, are encouraged to share your ideas and impressions as to what elements to include in your musical story. Tim starts from scratch with every song he writes. Your composition will have original music and original lyrics to create a song as unique as your love story, breakup, or other theme of your choosing..

After the interview, Tim will take some time (usually a few days) to compose a few lines of your song. He will then email you the progress to ensure that you are happy with the direction of the song. Tim will then write the song to completion for your review. Once polished, you will receive your finished, professionally recorded song in both physical and digital formats.

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